Why SimpleNote is Simple Yet Powerful

Notes capturing have come a long way since the days of cave painting and moleskin notebook. Not only has it gone full digital, cross platforms, you can now easily search notes you created years ago!
Problem is most people aren’t aware of what is possible and aren’t really taking advantage of the latest technologies to make their life easier.

For taking notes during meetings, at a conference or planning for an events or occasion I simply have not come across a more elegant solution than Simplenote. [Read more…]

Four Easy Tips To Increase Your Search Productivity Today

Apparently blog readers love lists about tips they can use immediately,  and I know people love tips in simple, brief easy to implement list, because I do! So here is one for the GTD fan or productivity junkies!
These tips are easy to pickup, high impact and you can use them today. In a way they are about getting back to the basics of search!

1. Read the Search Help Page

This one seems trivial and almost idiotic but it will more than likely give you the biggest bang for your time spent.

We have all probably read the search help page one or two times in our life, but unless you read it last month, I have news for you: things have changed! There are likely to be new features released and advanced functionalities add since you last read the help page. By reading the help page, I don’t mean read it from page to page but focus on the areas that you think you can benefit the most, it might be the “What’s new” section if you have heard some new image search features that you want to know about or the “Advanced Search” section if you believe you are ready to take your search to the next level. [Read more…]